This program of study brings researchers with SFU’s Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (IRMACS) Centre together with academic clinicians. Our team includes experts in BD research and practice, geropsychology, social work, technology, geography, computing science, health psychology, mathematics, and neuropsychology. We constitute a multinational and multidisciplinary team. Significant synergies exist across this network of experts in BD research, practice and technology. We will use of advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods (e.g., mixed methods, experiential sampling, latent growth and hierarchical linear modeling). Exceptional research training and knowledge translation (KT) opportunities are envisioned.

Testimonials from our online study participants

Participating in your research made me more aware of bipolar disorder, it brought a broader range of vision and understanding of the condition to me personally. I am so grateful for the research you are doing to better understand and treat BD. Understanding mental health problems is very important.

Carmen (Canada)

I am happy to be a part of your research to help people with bipolar disorder. Only someone with BD understands the agony of seeing your life in pieces all around you with no way to put it all back together.

Liam (Australia)

Your research made me feel like someone understood what questions to ask without stereotyping me or leaving me to feel worthless to the world. Thank for your interest in mental disorders. I feel this helps with public stigmas and awareness.

Niall (Ireland)

Participating in your research has been instrumental in my rethinking some of my decisions in life and attitudes. Thank you for taking an interest in individuals with BD. It's good to know that mental health research is leaving stigmas behind and moving forward in knowledge and resolution.

Patricia (USA)
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