BADAS ConnectBipolar Affective Disorder in older Adults

(BADAS) Connect

Partners of Adults with Bipolar Disorder



coupleAre you the spouse or partner of someone with bipolar disorder (BD)?    If so, you may be interested in helping us better understand the interpersonal factors involved in BD and the impact on partners.


Social support plays an important role in health and wellness. This includes those with mental health conditions like BD. Supportive relationships can help moderate BD symptoms; however, long-term relationships can be challenging for those with a partner with BD.


Despite these challenges, our understanding of BD in enduring relationships is limited. Anecdotal research suggests that a number of factors unique to BD play a significant role. Yet how these factors impact relationship dynamics has not been studied. These dynamics may have important implications for BD symptom management and treatment.


With the participation of partners of adults with bipolar disorder, the BADAS Connect Study will enable us to gain a better understanding of relationships where one partner has BD.



AppWe are asking partners and spouses of our BADAS study participants to take part. Partners will be asked to download our study app onto their Apple iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad). Participants will be randomly prompted by the app each day to complete a brief mood and daily events questionnaire, and a set of longer questionnaires each month. App questionnaires will be time-, date- and GPS-stamped. No information will be shared between partners.


We are recruiting a sample of adults with BD and their spouses living in Canada, the U.S., South Africa, √Čire, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand (i.e., English speaking countries).


Participants will be paid $1 each day and $20 each month for completing EMS and questionnaire data, respectively, up to $51/month. All payments will be made electronically via PayPal.

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