Substance Use and Misuse with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder in older Adults (BADAS) 


Are you someone with bipolar disorder (BD)? Do you use or misuse alcohol or drugs? If so, you may be interested in helping us better understand the meaning and experience of substance use and abuse among adults with BD.

Did you know that most adults with bipolar disorder will struggle with substances? Roughly 60% of those with BD will abuse alcohol and/or other substances. Existing research indicates that substance misuse can negatively impact BD symptoms and quality of life.

Despite the prevalence of substance abuse in BD, this topic has received very little attention. Yet anecdotal research suggests that traditional models of disease and addiction may not apply to BD. Controversial, also, is the safety and efficacy of cannabis with BD. These questions have important implications for symptom management and treatment.

We are undertaking an exploratory study to better understand substance use and misuse among persons with bipolar disorder across the adult life course. The meaning and experience of substance use and abuse among adults will be explored.

Using a web-based conferencing system, a member of our study team will conduct confidential interviews with up to 40 participants, half 50+ years of age.

Participants who complete the interview will be offered a $40 honorarium paid via PayPal. For more information, please go to: http://get.sfu.ca/BkzqPW

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